Penny for them……

Penny for them……

So after almost a year of hard work, travel, photo shoots and photo editing…. It looks like I am finally here.  My website is just about ready to go live.  I have been uploading content for days now and If I do say so, its looking really quite pretty inside the site.  I have 50 sets of images uploaded now, with more to come in the next few weeks 🙂

I’m very nervous about the reaction this site gets, that’s if I get any members at all.  I am quite aware that there is lots and lots of content available all over the internet, much of it for free, so I ask myself what will make my site so special that somebody would want to pay with their hard earned money to join it?

That question cant fully be answered yet.

I do know that I am confident in the quality of my content, and it is certainly exclusive.

I hope that this site will draw in the sort of people that are interested in pay sites but also nude female art (maybe they are hobby photographers or painters looking for some inspiration, or just admire the beauty of the female form?), but they are not interested in the sort of derogatory, adult, pink-open-leg, cheap looking mindless glamour content that so many sites seem to feature.

Its true that my photo sets are not massive also. That is because I am just selecting the very best images from each shoot, rather than featuring ever single image shot.. be it blurry, close eyed, model caught mid pose.  The reason that many sites feature so many bad images, is that the photographer is often payed per image, rather than per set, and the models are paid per day…. this puts pressure on them to produce as much content as they can in the 1 day, so that they really get the most of the models time. Its a no-brainer that the highest quality images can not be produced in this way.

It is not unknown for photographers to have to shoot 10 x 200 plus image sets in 1 day… Ask yourself how true quality can be achieved when you are shooting to this sort of formula!

Another thing that I think will help me on this path, is that I actually really enjoy what I do.  This site is a labour of love for me, I could have earned more money doing something else (well, anything is more that nothing, so far this has just cost me money :P), but for me this is not about the money.  When I come up with a shoot concept, find the right photographer, put my own input into the location, poses and styling, receive the image back and then edit the images myslef, I get a real sense of achievement. I truly feel that the final product is something that I am proud to show and its sparks my creative side!

So there you are… thank you for reading my reasons for doing this…. now, hang tight, and wait until I go live 🙂

(Cover image by RBB2)

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