Workshop with Thorsten Jankowski

Workshop with Thorsten Jankowski

I fly to Frankfurt tonight for a 2 day workshop with Thorsten Jankowski where he is guest photographer at FACE studios. The workshop sold out within a few weeks, so if you are one of the lucky few, I look forward to seeing you there! I have already met several of the delegates on past jobs, so look forward to catching up, and will enjoy meeting those that I have not met before!

Also, I have just heard that there is a pool and sauna in the hotel…. and that I have to pack my bikini…. HAPPY DAYS 🙂  Was just thinking yesterday about a lovely warm sauna!  I’ve been working too much and my back is hurting for all the fancy posing (yes I am getting old!). Exactly what the doctor called for :).  I know how Ill be spending my Saturday night!

And also, here is a great image by a delegate, Kalinighta photography, at the last workshop I did with Thorsten in Braunchweig.

Have a good weekend folks, and i’ll catch you on Monday!






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