French Froggies and Frankfrutters

French Froggies and Frankfrutters

Here are some casual portraits I just received from French photographer Richard Bulenzi. They were taken last Monday in Paris (I guess the sort of famous landmark gave that one away!). We have just arranged another shoot for next month :)!

These images also gave me a very cool idea for a set for my members section!  Ill keep you posted on that one.

I was also in Frankfurt this weekend at a 2 day workshop with Thorsten Jankowski. The workshop went really well and the atmosphere both days was great, and I met some new and some familiar faces. I am really excited for my next workshop with Thorsten which will be the week long Andalusia workshop in Spain in October.

 The posing was very challenging and definitely gave me a good workout, it means I wont be needing any yoga classes this week :)… I do admit it,  I was so tired when I got home yesterday….. I think I slept for most of the day! I need to get in better shape!

The few images that I have seen from it so far are very nice. when I get some more images sent over to me I will post them on here.

I even managed some time at the end for some private shooting time with Thorsten before he got the train back to Braunchweig and I flew back to Amsterdam, doing some really interesting shots involving crazy-bendy-jumpy-dancy poses and shadow-shapes on a white backdrop.



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