Frankfurt fun and froliking

Frankfurt fun and froliking

As promised, here are some images taken at the Thorsten Jankowskis workshop in FACE studios close to Frankfurt, Germany:

The 1st image is a cheeky backstage one…. I walked on set to find this bald headed impostor model sealing my limelight, oh how dare she!!!

These 2 are by delegate Vladimir Uklov who flew in to the workshop all the way from chilly Russia!  I was complimented here on my very nice spine and hip bones…. it is the first time my spine had ever received a compliment, and it (or should I address my spine as she?) was very chuffed!

This interesting image taken with a wide angle lens was taken by delegate Berhand on the 1st day, who came all the way from Switzerland.  I like it because I look RIPPED in it! Check out that muscle tone (nothing to do with the amounts of cocoa butter I have on and fancy lighting set ups!)!  This was the 3rd time I had worked with Bernhard and in the 3rd country!

This cool monochrome image is by Mario, he asked somebody to throw a bit of fabric into the set and created this very unusual and effective cloud effect.

And finally here are 2 images taken by Roger Rachel, the 1st showing exaggerated shadows on a white wall and the 2nd in a statuesque pose in monochrome:

I have to wait allll the way until October for my next workshop with Thorsten Jankowski, when we go to the country side in sunny Andalusia, Spain, together with 3 other models for a full week!

The sun is out and shining again here in the Netherlands though, woohoo!  It reached 20 degrees Celsius yesterday, which is sooo nice for March, I even sported a pair of WHITE LINNEN TROUSERS and SUNGLASSES and bought an ice cream (chocolate and pistachio)! So I will go and catch some rays today before packing for my trip to north England tomorrow where I am shooting some natural-commerially-smiley stuff for the next 2 days.

Have a great weekend folks!


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