Commercial Images for Zeno Groenewegen

Commercial Images for Zeno Groenewegen

Good Morning my Lovelys!

The sun is out and shining again today, summer has came early to the Netherlands, lets keep our fingers crossed that is stays!  I was in England shooting some really nice commercial and natural style images last weekend, and even managed to get outdoors to shoot without freezing my ass off!

I did a shoot a few months back for popular Dutch voice over talent Zeno Groenewegen to help make his website pretty!  He is the voice behind lots and lots of Dutch TV and radio commercials, when you click on his website and listen to his samples you will know EXACTLY who he is!

I have just seen the finished images, they were based on a vintage nightclub look, and I got to wear an elegant red evening dress and Zeno sported a mic shaped like a gun, and a cigar! Dont we both look handsome in these images!

Here is a link to Zenos website which is now ready:

Zeno came up with the really nice concept, and I am also so happy with the images!

It also happens to be that Zeno and myself have the same unusual initials (ZG), so it was a match that was meant to be!

Here are some images taken from his website:

“Care for some Dutch Cheese?”
“Does my ass look big in this??”
“I just cant contain my excitement!”

And credits to:

Tomas Fransen ( for photography                                                       

Angela Fransen (www.chichacharming) for hair and make up

Zeno Groenewegen for concept and creative direction

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