It Rained Frogs in France

It Rained Frogs in France

Well I just got back from 2.5 days of shooting in Paris late last night.

There had been an accident on the train line in Paris and there were delays on all the regional trains, and as my last shoot was outside of Paris itself, and I had to catch the last Thylis home, I had a mad crazy dash to catch my train on time, so I rewarded myself with a nice glass of red wine on the train (not like me at all!).

My 1st shoot was with Richard Bulenzi, here are some images that I have already got back  from him, they are really beautiful and sensual, I particularly love the bum shot :):


The next day, I had planned a street fashion shoot in the morning, but due to the frogs it had to be rescheduled to my next trip :(. In the afternoon I spent a few hours doing natural daylight images with Jeff in an apartment (see below), and then did some commercial images in Chantelle lingerie for a graphic designer.

Oh….. is that another glass of red wine? 😛

Yesterday, I also had shoots. The 1st in a studio and the 2nd outside of Paris, again in natural light and shot with old analog cameras.

For just about the entire trip, it rained. I did plan on doing some sight seeing, and also on visiting the Helmut Newton exhibition, but the weather was honestly so bad I didnt dare as I had my luggage to take with me and didnt want to arrive at any shoots looking like a drowned rat!

Here are some things that I did see:

Pretty buildings, weird elevators and rainy Streets,


The Metro,

And a happy busker on the Metro who cheered me up with his ragae music.

I didnt see any frogs.

And today  I enjoy a day at home, before heading back to Antwerp (for a VERY exciting shoot, that I wont tell you about yet) tomorrow.


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