Oliver Pezzot shoot results and Marc Lagrange news…..

Oliver Pezzot shoot results and Marc Lagrange news…..

I’m feeling a little bitty yucky and under the weather today, think I worked too hard in Paris :(. So Im taking it easy, staying at home and having an early night with lots of cups of tea…. well so much for my 1st Saturday off in a ages, but on the bright side I have time to do my blog update and watch bad Scottish accents in Rob Roy on the TV!

I have just got a nice email from French photographer Oliver Pezzot whom I shot with just outside Paris earlier this week. He shoots solely with analogue and he sent me over the results from one of the films.

I am in love with the light reflection on the glass in the 1st and 2nd image!

Here is a link to his tumbler if you wish to see more of his work:



While I am on the subject of analogue images…. I traveled to Antwerpen  yesterday for a shoot with legendary fine art Belgium photographer Marc Lagrange in his studio….. I think it went really well and I was excited to be working with him as I have admired his work for a long time.

For anybody who isnt familiar with his work, here is his website:


Marc also told me after the shoot that he plans on using me for another shoot later on in the year! As soon as I receive any images back from I shall post them on here.

Kisses from the Netherlands,



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