Erwin Olaf with Moooi preview, and published this month in JFK Magazine with Ivor Paanakker

Erwin Olaf with Moooi preview, and published this month in JFK Magazine with Ivor Paanakker

Well today seems to be a day of good news!

I woke up to a lovely email from Dutch Photographer Ivor Paanakker (whom has also shot for my members section) telling me that our work from a shoot together last year in Deventer, the Netherlands is being published in this months JFK magazine (#33) which has just hit the shops.  The article has been titled “The Secret Diary”, and we got a full 6 pages in the magazine.

If you are not yet acquainted with Ivors work, the man is truly amazing. We have shot together FIVE times (so I must like like him :P)!

He uses photography techniques that I have not came across anybody else using (his lighting effects and locations are real, not post-process), and combines them with a unique imaginative shabby-chick sense of styling to create fashion and nudes oozing with erotica.

Here is his website:


And here are the tear sheets from the magazine:


Photographer: Ivor Paanakker

Model: Zoi

Make-up artist: Saray Verlinden

Stylist: Jessica Gonzales Valdivia



By off chance, I also checked on the Moooi (Dutch interior designers) website. I had done a shoot for them, with Erwin Olaf as the photographer a few months back. I was chuffed to see my image taken by Erwin on the front page on their website:

The website has an interactive virtual room, that can be navigated around to see different artworks in the collection, for those interested in looking, here is the link:

The images are going to be used in large sized prints that will go on display in the Moooi showrooms, which are located all over the world.

All the photography is by Erwin Olaf.

I am very honored to be shot by the same photographer who has also taken official portraits of the Dutch Royal Family! He is definitely the most famous photographer I have ever worked with so Im very happy that the work is getting published on such a large scale. Now I am eagerly waiting for the project to be fully launched so that I may get an image back to use.

I also found this very nice article about the project on the internet which also features my image:

And some other stuff….

So with these two bits of good news, and also due to my VERY relaxing day at the sauna yesterday (I soaked, sweated, steamed, swam, showered and scrubbed!) I’m looking forward to a great day! Im going to get dressed, go and get some copies of JFK…. go to the poulterers… some chicken to make some fresh chicken and veggie soup…. OK, so not quite so exiting, but ill do it all in a happy mood :).



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