Off to Switzerland, and Robert Cebulski shoot results

Off to Switzerland, and Robert Cebulski shoot results

I had a shoot last week in Rotterdam with a photorgpaher living in Belgium called Robert Cobulski.

We shot for two of his projects, the image shown across is the first piece in his new series “Wake up”. We also shot the final piece of his “I’m the Queen” series which you can see on his website:

We had some difficulties actually doing the shoot in the first place. We had planned it on the same day that Rotterdam was having a city marathon (woops!). The shoot location was on a little island off Rotterdam itself with just one bridge or a passenger ferry for access, and with all the roads being blocked off for the marathon it actually proved impossible to reach the shoot (I mean IMPOSSIBLE, we both drove around the city for over an hour each, asking police and stewards directions and got nowhere), even the trams weren’t running! So after the photographer and me driving to Rotterdam for the shoot, we then had to postpone it until the next day. Luckily the location was still available though.


Also, I just got two more images back from French photographer Richard Bulenzi, which do you prefer, the colour or the monochrome?




I have also just finished packing my bags and organising everything for a week long trip to Switzerland.

I will be working with a few different photographers, but am predominately going to work with Stefan Soell again. We will be shooting for his editorial projects (he has already published a book with my images called Zoi 101), and also will be making some more content for my members section.

He uses some of Europes most stunning outdoor locations, and this combined with his many years of professional nude photography experience and eye for lighting and beauty makes the most beautiful images imaginable.

I am looking forward to our hikes in the Alps,  after the long winter months, I really need the exercise! I will be taking lots of travel and back stage photos too, and will share them on here.

Here is an image that we took together on our last shoot:

Have a great week, and i’ll update you again when I am back.



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