OB-Sessions Magazine and Spanish stuff

OB-Sessions Magazine and Spanish stuff

Ola! That is me back from my two weeks of decadence in Spain.  I was staying in a villa close to Denia which is somewhere between Valencia and Alicante and I had the most fantastic time!

The villa was next to a national park, so I went on a few really nice hikes and because it wasnt high summer yet all the plants were still in flower and the area looked like a massive garden.

The weather was warm and the Spannish food was great! I have never eaten so much tasty sea food (mainly lobsters and prawns with rice) and drank so much good wine in my life.

They make Rioja in that area of Spain which is a red wine with an oakey taste, and a tasty reserva or grand reserva can be picked up for less that Eight Euros. I’m saying this like its a good thing, but on the day I left, the pile of glass that we had to take to the recycling bin was rather worryingly large.

In the villa we had a big pool, sea views and lots of privacy (so I managed to do a wee bit of shooting for my members area there too!). I really soaked up the sun, and have came home with a great all over sun tan

I didnt make so many holiday snaps, but heres a few posey ones, just to make you jealous hehe:


I also have had a very nice publication while I was away. 

A Spannish photographer called Adolfo Gosálvez has his own photography magazine, its called OB-Sessions. It features photography talent from all over the world and can be viewed online.

I did a shoot with legendary Portuguese photographer, Andre Britto last year. We shot for my members section, but also did some personal work for him.  An image from that shoot was featured on the front cover of the magazine.  A few images were also featured inside the magazine.

Here is a link to the magazine:


It features some great photography, and is definitely worth checking out.

Have a great day everybody. Its lovely and sunny here in the Netherlands again, so Ill walk to the hairdressers for a hair cut, as the sun has fried my hair a bit and I have a calender shoot tomorrow, its not so professional to turn up looking like a scare crow!



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