Marc Lagrange and some Music Videos

Marc Lagrange and some Music Videos


Well,  it’s a positively dreary Monday morning,  and I was woken up by a neuritic (or possible amorous) crow at 6am (and its my day off)… but now I have something to lighten up my day a bit…!

The long awaited images from last months shoot with Marc Lagrange :)!

I received a nice fat WeTransfer file containing all the best images from the shoot. The images are almost untouched on photoshop, only B&W conversion and a few other minor things have been done.

I love these really simple, raw nudes.  They are simple, straight forward, no fuss images that provoke real emotion when viewed.  Marc also managed to get me to convey a lot of tension and give a wild look, which is different to my normal style… but I like it!

The cover shot is my favorite, I’m really into these small model-in-big landscape type images just now where the model takes up a smaller section of the image, but still leaves a strong mark.  Also, the head/upper body shot is fantastic.. my hair is wild and untamed looking, it speaks so many stories!


And…. TWO Music Videos!

It seems like it is a god few weeks for music videos too!

I have just played the main female role in a Dutch folk music video.

The shoot was last Monday on a beautiful sunny evening at the beach… 

It was 25 degrees and delightfully nice when I left my house, as we approached the beach however, a eerie sea fog started to engulf us and the temperature dropped by over 10 degrees.  It wasn’t the weather that we were expecting, but it did give a mysterious look to the video which did actually tie in very well with the look that we were looking for. there is a wee back stage photo of the shoot:

The song was a traditional tale of loss and woe,  about a woman who lost her love at sea. So I was to seem sad and mournful during the filming.

More good news!  I have also just had an email to confirm that I have been cast as the main female role in a music another music video later on this week!

This video is quite different to the last one. It is a dance video for an  Armada Music artist (details to follow). We are shooting all day and night on Thursday… and by all day and night I mean night until 5,30am… in the morning! Ill be on the cans or red bull that day.  Ill write more about it when I have all the details, but I am very excited about this one :).


Also, for those who don’t know, my members section is now open… that means that if you wish, you are able to view all my exclusive fine art photo sets and members news in high resolution in my members area! 


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