London Town and There Abouts…….

London Town and There Abouts…….

Well hello 🙂

I returned late last night on an Easyjet flight from four glorious days of galivanting in England.   Well, OK, the work and company were glorious,  the weather was gloomy for ninety percent of the stay.  It rained, rained and rained,  and I had my first ever experience of shooting outdoors in the rain  though, which was interesting to say the last.

I have already received the first of the results from the shoot.. so rather than do sensible things like unpack suitcase, reply to mountain of emails, go and buy food to eat as fridge is bare, I will share them on there instead.

On Sunday,  I modeled alongside the preraphaelite-esque beauty Ella Rose for a fine artistic nude masterclass for my favorites, Trevor and Faye Yerbury.  It was a beautiful day with good humored and highly motivated candidates. this was the only point in my trip when it didn’t rain, which meant that we able to shoot outside also.

Here is a link to Ellas blog, which makes very good reading 🙂

The location was the stunning Pipewall Hall.  It is an old country manor with chick rooms and sprawling grounds that were great for shooting in. The house was even featured in the Dooms Day book!

The image above was taken by Trevor.  I love this gnarly old tree, the textures in it look great when made monochrome.

Below are some images from candidates.  The first was a coincidental shoot taken by candidate Tom Poole,  and the second is by another candidate Ian Parry.


And this image across was taken by Trevor on a cool column base that we found, which was great for doing classical/athletic statue type poses (I’m showing my Greek genes here). Also, below is the link to Trevor and Fayes website where you can see their current work and workshops:

I am also truly delighted to announce that Trevor and Faye have agreed to work with me to produce something for my members section!

The next day,  I had a shoot with English photographer Grant Ibtasama Masruuq.  He has an upcoming exhibition and was looking to make some images for that.

Here is my favorite image from the shoot.  I am placed under a bridge next to canal lock gates.  I am standing with the rain coming down next to me, playing an antique silver saxophone  :).  Grant has unique vision and his shoot concepts are really special.  He does all his own styling and creates very interesting images.

And there below are the portrait versions of the above image, I think I look quit wicked in this second one!:


Ill move on to my members section update now, and perhaps that suitcase might just unpack itself in the meanwhile!





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