Rain Rain Go Away! And some ARMADA stuff!

Rain Rain Go Away! And some ARMADA stuff!

Rain rain go away… come again another day (when I’m not here!).

I had a very nice shoot planned today with a Dutch photographer in a sand dune to make some pretty pictures for my members section. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled as the weather is just terrible :(.  Good weather for the ducks, as they say.  So instead, i’ll do some blogging and share some recent images.

The image across is actually a back stage image.  It was taken at a shoot a few weeks ago in Belgium when I was trying to get heated up by a radiator by in window in between shots.  I think it works well with the rain theme (OK it wasn’t raining during the shoot, but it could have been :P).


Leica M7
Summilux 50 @ f1,4
Kodak Tri-X
Model: Zoi
MUA: Severine Barillari
Assistent: Filip Cooreman
Fotograaf: Johan Verhulst

Music Video

I told you I was shooting a music video for Armada? Well I can tell some more details now.

The artists were Christian Burns who is a signer (and has featured with the likes of Tiesto and Armin van Buuren) and the song was Bullet. German DJ Christian Dubruck also played a cameo role in it.  The location was a studio in Amsterdam and also a wellness center on the outskirts of Amsterdam.  We had to shoot here when there were no customers, hence why the shoot happened during the night.

Below is a beautiful back stage image that was taken in the luxurious wellness center, I think it ties in nicely with the subject of water and rain! I had to wait 4 hours until it was my time to film, It was soooo difficult not to go and jump into the jacuzzi!  I would have, but I had hair extensions in and they would have ruined.

And above is taken from a screen shot.  The shoot was very experimental, and used all sorts of cool projection techniques….. above you can see how an image taken of me in a studio has been projected onto a wall.  And in other shots different words and graphics were projected onto my body.  The minute the video is released I shall post a link to it.

(both images above are taken from the Christian Burns OFFICIAL facebook page).

Also,  remember the lovely feature in OB-Sessions magazine I had recently with Andre Brito?  Well, a Scottish artist by the name of Drew Ferrie has made a wonderful HB sketch of one of the images.  I actually came across the image on Google (I guess Drew didn’t have my contact details), so that was a nice surprise :)!

And here is the sketch:

On that note, Im off! Enjoy a rainy Friday, and have a great weekend!  The ducks will 🙂                                         

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