More Yerbury Workshop Images

More Yerbury Workshop Images

Good Morning ūüôā

Well what a good, positive week……

The beautiful country of my birth, Greece is through in the European Cup (only thing is now they have to play Germany) and is also en route to getting a stable government :).  

I have lots of lovely shoots to look forward to, a shoot with McInnes for my members bit of Friday, I have some¬†Victorian¬†lingerie¬†to experiment with for that…. and a small intimate workshop with Trevor and Faye Yerbury on Sunday….and then next week a calender shoot in the South of France for a Top Secret client!

I had a fantastic dinner last night in Amsterdam with beautiful Sri Lankian born model Nirmala Hoogendoorn, where we shared lots of tasty food and gossip!

Lets hope this good spell keeps on rolling!

Now I have also received some more images back from last weeks fabulous Masterclass with Faye and Trevor Yerbury in Pipewall Hall, England. The main image across is by delegate Lace Market photography.  I love the cropping and floor reflections here.

These two are by Trevor Yerbury

And this by delegate Ian Parry

I also have a very nice trip coming up to Florence to work with a very exciting photographer there…..

Here is an image that was taken in rustic (I love that word!) Tuscany last year, titled Vulnerability by Eric Andresen.



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