Summer Time

Summer Time

I have been in Scotland the past few days, visiting family, doing some shopping. I managed to fit in a wee website shoot with McInnes as well as a tutorial with the Yerburys.  The funky image across is from the website shoot with McInnes.  I played at being a rock chick photographer for a bit.

We also officially stepped into summer time 🙂

 I dont think summer has realised its in season quite yet.  It is quite an amazing location too eh? Part of an old disused stables dating from the 1820s and not been in use now for many decades, I spoke to Trevor and Faye about doing something exclusively for the site here and it looks to be on the cards.

Dutch Cheese

Every time Im back in Scotland I try to fit in some shopping… the reason being, not that Im a compulsive shopper, but that stuff is way too expensive in the Netherlands (apart from tulips, cannabis and Gouda cheese, which all would appear to cost less (although I don’t think I’ve ever purchased any of the above)).

I saw a label for a pair of dress earings that I wanted for a shoot in New Look in Glasgow… £1.99 or 2.99 EUR…yeah.. so i may have big boobs, but I’m not buttoned up the back… so I save my hard earned pennies and spend them almost exclusively when I’m back in the UK.

And Nasty Photographers

I also had a rather unfortunate event happen to me last week.  I have heard lots of people talking abou this sort of thinkg, but had been lucky that it hadnt happened to be yet.

I had been in contact with an Italian photographer about shooting an editorial shoot that was to feature a nice dress designer. After about a month of emails back and forth we decided on a place and date for the shoot, I asked him should I book the flights, he told me yes, he then double confirmed after I came back to him with a query… so I booked flights, the next morning I get an email that the dress designs were not ready and the shoot is cancelled… no refund from him for the flights 🙁 So I am several hundred Euros out of pocket for the cost of the flights.  Now I know how photographers feel when they are stood up by models, and this seems to happen often!

Good News too though!!!

The Christan Burns and Stefan Dubruck video for Armada has been released!!!

And here it is below, Im really so happy with it!

Later on today I fly to Nice, for a calender shooting… ill spend two nights and days there.  So I get my summer sunshine 🙂




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