July so far

July so far

I havnt been updating so well the past few weeks… I have been shooting and shooting non-stop! ¬†Now I get a chance for a rest though ūüôā

In the past few weeks, I have been, in this order:

Nice, ¬†Florence, ¬†Paris, ¬†Brussels, ¬†Gent!!That’s a fair amount of¬†air miles I clocked up ūüôā Especially since KLM were nice enough to give me a free upgrade to business class for one of the flights, and they even gave me the business class miles too. Thank you KLM!

I have some time off now, with no international travelling for a few weeks… my body needs the rest, I will work on my website, sleep and visit the¬†wellness¬†center (spa).

In Nice I shot for a calender in a beautiful French villa (Im not allowed to tell you what the calender was for).

In Florence for a book project with Guido Argentini (and also some content for my members section) and also two studio shoots (images to come).

In Paris I shot for Chantelle panties (rather¬†practical, ¬†high waisted, large, flesh tone ones!), here is a mobile phone shot of them across hehe….

And I Brussels I shot with Ivar Stolfot who took the avatar image above.

A while ago I did a video shoot for a wedding dress designer Armado de Vinentis…. the image below is taken from that shoot. I love these sort of natural, flowery, soft romantic images, and I REALLY love wedding dress shoots….

Here is the link to the video:



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