Morning again!

It seems like all my blog posts have been complaining about the weather… but REALLY! Where is the summer? Another shoot cancelled this week because of it. GRRR! Global warming + modelling/photography DO NOT MIX! I’m honestly flabbergasted (cool word eh??) by people who still say that global warming isn’t happening! Like honestly, just look out the window! It was hail stoning last week! In July! Im really not looking forward to the day the gulf stream decides so switch off and we all start freezing.

I really wish I could could say that I dont contribute to global warming,  but with the amount of flying about that I do, this just isnt true.  I do always look to get trains first to Germany and France, but find that the prices are usually at least 50% more than flying unless you book them like 6 months in advance :(! Well I do recycle, and I don’t drive, so at least I have that to make my conscience better 🙂

Well on the subject of flying and contributing to global warming, I have a very delightful job coming up in Austria. Artistic nude photographer Andreas Bitesnich has asked me to come and shoot for him and also model at his workshop.. woohoo!

If your lucky enough to be attending the exclusive workshop, then I look forward to meeting you, Im very sure it will be a great few days!

I was looking on Facebook last night when I saw a familiar photo… one by Jef Poldervaart. We had a shoot together last year for him to make prints from and he sent me a lot of really nice images through after it, but I had COMPLETELY forgot about them.. (Oh-oh, bad Zoi!), so here are my favorites from the shoot here 🙂 the shoot had a dark, erotic theme to it, and was shot in an antique store with pieces from the 16th and 17th century.  And I got to wear an amazing tiny 18 inch corset, which is one of my most favorite things!


Photography: Jeff Poldervaart

Model: Zoi

Styling: Rebecca at Pleasurements

Hair: Mendy Verhoeven

Location: the Netherlands

I really love monochrome images.

Why is it that when you remove the colour from an image it conveys the emotion and feeling of the image so much better?

Is it nostalgia, that’s how we think of “proper old fashioned photography”, that the masters did it then, so subconsciously, it must be better?

Like wise, you take a image of a girl naked, make it monochrome, its already its more magically tasteful, somewhere on the path to becoming an art nude image…

Or, by removing the colour, are you removing the life from the image, making it more of an object and open to interpretation? Less real? Less sexual?

I have been thinking about this alot recently, when I have been editing sets I also have an inclination to make the images monochrome, even when the natural colours are beautiful.

On the subject of monochrome, here are some more, beautiful, soft monochrome images.
Quite different to the ones above. They were taken by Kevin Willems in Gent, Belgium. We were also meant to be shooting outside, but the weather didnt allow, so we made do with what was available in his apartment, which worked out very well.

He is a learner photographer, with a strong interest in analogue. Judging by these images, he is well on his path :). Hair and make up was by Fraukje Van de Wiele.











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