Vagina Related!

Vagina Related!

I’m in a sort of funny giggley mood, and I just saw THE FUNNIEST commerical I have seen in a while….about vagina’s!

Apparently vagina tightening cream is the next big thing in India.

I dont want to think about how they one would have to apply such a cream, I guess it wouldn’t be quite so glamorous as the commercial implies. Also, do they have a male equivalent?

Here is the commercial:

About Vaginas

Seriously though… What is it? I mean this is going to sound very cliched, but half of us have them, so why the big deal when it comes to photography and vagina’s?

I for one prefer not to show mine at shoots, I have reached this decision over the past 3 years spent working as an art nude model.  During this time I have looked at lots and lots of images of naked women, taken from all angles.  I think I prefer not to show mine in images because I have seen so few images of a vagina that I actually like or that are tasteful.

Its not about not wanting to show it or thinking that it is something forbidden or dirty, but more that the majority of images floating about that do show it are very derogatory (like woman bent over on all fours posing like a dog on Prozac), tacky and pornographic looking.

So to save myself from having images taken that I will later regret (this mistake has been made in the past!) I don’t do it.

I do believe that it is possible to show a vagina in a tasteful and artistic way that is respectful to women (Helmut Newton showed us this, and Petter Hegre in his earlier days), but 99% of the images that I have seen showing vaginas are just offensive, cringe worthy, or else end up looking like an image from a medical text book.

Vagina talk over :-).

Pretty Picture!

And on a non-vagina related topic, here is a pretty photo that was taken last week on a beach close to where I live. I dont show my vagina in it.






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