More Swiss Adventures!

More Swiss Adventures!

I am just back from another short spell shooting in Switzerland. I seem to be in that place an awful lot these days, I must like it :).

On the first day I had a shoot with Markus Ernst. We did 2 looks, a lady gaga inspired one, and an American inspired one.

Here is a wee backstage video from the first look:

And here is a Polaroid from the second look:

I then shot with a photographer and friend Stephan Brauchli who is a Swiss/Greek photographer. We did 2 shoots, one in the studio and one in a very cool river with unusual rock formations.

Here is a head shot from the first shoot:

And a backstage image from the second shoot (a full sequence from both shoots will be published in my members area):

And finally I had a shoot with Bernhard who has also contributed to my members area. We shot in an empty 17th century house that was about to be refurbished to turn it into a sheek hotel.

For this shoot Bernhard had organised some extra security….

We were half way through the shoot, when the Swiss Army decided to do an exercise RIGHT outside our location. This closest tank is sitting 2m from the front door! There were about eight tanks with fully armed solders and a lot of other military vehicles and a hell of a lot of noise and distractions from working :). Luckily we still managed to take some amazing boudoir and lingerie style images.

Unfortunately though, it seems like I may have to cut down on my outdoor shoots :-(.

I have always suffered a lot from mosquito bites, but the last few times I have been bitten I have got really big swollen lumps from the bites. I was bitten just yesterday, and the bites were the biggest and most painful yet (yes that deformed looking thing below is my arm!):

I would say that I have most definitely developed a full on allergy and will have to be careful from now on when I am shooting outside. Oh, and Ive just found out….it has a name! I apparently suffer from something called Skeeter Syndrome, which basically means I have a mosquito bite allergy 😛




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