Canada and Stefan Soell Book!!!

Woohoo! I was in Canada this week (just for 3 days though :(!) to shoot with Dwayne and Leanne Bell.

I shot for two days, but on the last day also had time to do some sightseeing and went to Niagra falls. It just so happened (by complete coincidence) that my crazy fun model friend Katy Cee was also there at the same time! So we went to the falls and on the Maid of the Mist tour together and both got completely soaked. I dont have many images, because silly me forgot to take my camera with me that day. I did buy a disposable number there though (for 20 dollars in a way over priced tourist shop) but now need to try and figure out how to get it developed! 

Here is what I saw:

Hotel room with jet lag:

Tim Houtons: Much better that Starbucks!

Katy and me at the falls:

Lots of cute black squirrels, perhaps the best thing about Canada (not my photo):

Maple Syrup, a cool pressie from Dwayne and Leanne (I shall be eating pancakes for breakfast this weekend!):

Ooooh! And perhaps the best part of the trip was on the way back, I got a free upgrade to business class…. 7 hours of lovely massage chairs with a full wine list! Thank you KLM:

Oooh check the leg room! In my just bought from tourist shop Canadian moose socks:


Also I had some cool post waiting for me when I returned. I have received a very cool signed copy of Stefan Soells new book, Waldlust! The pages have been printed using a new printing technique that gives a super quality finish and it looks great!

He used images of me on the front and back cover that we shot at the same time as shooting content for my members section , as well as inside the book. I am so so so happy with it!

Also, if anybody wants me to sign any copies of the book for them, I will be more than happy to do so,  just send me an email on here and we can talk about it.





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