September Stuff

Ok, where to start! September has been a really hectic month during which I was only at home for a few days.

At the start of the month I have a few shoots in Switzerland. One of these shoots was with Marcus Ernts (Creativpic Photography) whom I have worked with before.

He shot these cool swimwear images next to an old over grown sauna in the Swiss Countryside:

And here is a backstage video that was made during the shoot:

There is also a nude version of this shoot that Marcus has kindly shared with me that I will be uploading to Wonderland 🙂

Another shoot for for Philipp Straschil who I had first met on a workshop with Andreas Bitesnich. He wanted to develop some of the techniques that he learnt during the workshop, and I must say the results were really great! Here is one of the many beautiful images that he took during the shoot.

Afer Switzerland, I was shooting in Toulon with RBB2 again. They are a wonderful husband and wife photography team and specialise and vintage lingerie and glamour. They have the most beautiful collection of vintage pieces and also a few 18 inch corsets and I took lots and lots of backstage video! Being in their studio is like heaven!

Below is a preview from the shoot, but the full selection of images will be shown on my members section.

And after that! I flew to a one week workshop with American legendary photographer  Greg Gorman (no relation!). We were shooting in a beautiful villa with extensive grounds an hour north of Rome. I was extremely happy as I also managed to get some one on one shooting time with Greg himself and will post images as I get them.

Im not sure what the best thing about the workshop was…. the photography, the traditional Italian food…. or the wine? Greg is a bit of a wine connoisseur and in LA even has his own vineyard! He bought different local wines each night for us to try with dinner and I ended up a wee bit tipsy (of course within a professional level :P) more than once!

Here is one image that he took below:

And here is the group image from the workshop:

Oooh! And check my cool haloween themed background out!


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