Well Summer is most definitely over, and we are well into Autumn.

I love this time of year. The rustic golden hues trees and pavement outside my house, the eerie fog in the early hours, the carved pumpkins on my window sill and the cosy collection of winter hats and scarves that I have looked out.

Soon it will be time for sparklers and bonfires, my birthday :), frozen canals, home made soup and then Christmas trees!

Unfortunately for those on the other side of the pond, it also means storms and hurricanes, so on that note can I send all of those on East Coast US my best wishes.

I was shooting in Belgium last week with Johan Verhulst again.

We shot half a day in his studio, and half in an outdoor location that was filled with beautiful old trees.  Dont the tones of these amazing images from the studio shoot, shot on his Hasselblad remind you of Autumn?

And below is an image from the outdoor part of the shoot. I think this is the last outdoor shoot that I will do this year.

The dog in the background with me is a beautiful greyhound. It is a rescued dog coming from a terrible background in Spain, and had the sweetest nature I have even seen on any dog.

Zoi and the Animals, Shot in Belgium by Johan Verhulst

The hair and make up in all the shots above is by Frankje Van de Wiele.

Woohoo! and talking of Autumn, tomorrow is Halloween!

Unfortunately in the Netherlands where I am based Halloween is nowhere near as big a deal as it is in the UK and the US. I do still carve pumpkins though (my neighbours look at me strangely for this), but there will be no fancy dress parties for me this year :(. I did put a Halloween themed set up for my members section though, below is a preview of it:

Black Widow Cover, by McInnes for dreamingofzoi.com

So I wish you all a happy Halloween. I hope you all enjoy your trick or treating and bobbing for apples!


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