Some Fashion Images and Portraits from Andalusia

Some Fashion Images and Portraits from Andalusia

PayPal Problems!


I have discovered today that I have some Paypal issues.

Apparently anybody viewing the Paypal page to join Wonderland (my lovely members section) from a US IP address rather annoyingly gets the Dutch language Paypal page.

I have spent all day on the phone to Paypal and browsed all of the on line forums and it seems to be that this is a glitch in the Dutch Paypal system and a few other people are also suffering from this problem and have not found a solution.

So until I do find a solution to this (help and advise from anybody is welcome!), I am very sorry but its going to have to be Dutch, which not surprisingly, very few people outside of the Netherlands understand! If you are trying to sign up and are finding it tricky to understand, please let me know and I will try my hardest to guide you through it.

Nasty PayPal :(.


On a nicer note, please see a beautiful portrait that was taken of me in Andalusia, Spain by Jason Weddington last week. We were at a week long workshop taken by Thorsten Jankowski. We were actually out before this shooting nudes, and were relaxing about to have a BBQ when this was taken spur of the moment, I am not posing at all here and actually had my attention focused on the wine that was getting laid out next to the BBQ (no surprise there!). I love this shot. Jason does some very cool post process with the colours and adds a blue split tone to many of his images which gives great results for portraiture.

Here is a link to Jasons Website where you can view his art nude work:

portrait photography

Although it was a workshop, I did also manage to spend a short amount of time shooting with Thorsten.

We were on a beach in the very south, across from Morocco actually when he took the amazing below. The spotlight effect is created by a California Sunbounce. We had to hurry to take this shoot as the tide was coming in very quickly. Anyway, even with rushing, the results were great!

Fine Art Nude photography by thorsten jankowski on a beach in Spain

I also have my own folder of backstage images and a video from this week in Spain which will be uploaded to Wonderland today.


And below some fashion images (just to prove that I still have what it takes for fashion)  taken by Johan Verhulst for his Belgium upmarket fashion retailer, Kleding Octaaf. Doesnt my bum look good in the 1st one :P.

This lovey one is by Versace

This by Moschino

And this dress by LuiJo

Hair and make up in the above 3 images is by Fraunkje Van de Wiele.

And if anybody wishes to buy me any of these dresses, preferably all three, I am a size 34 (thats a US 1) 😛 :P.



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