It didnt rain frogs in Paris


I was in Paris last weekend, and this time it didnt rain. It didnt rain frogs, it didnt rain cats and it didnt rain dogs. It was a very nice experience to be in a dry Paris for the first time, and I saw the city in a new light (literately).

Here is a lovely image of me and the Eiffel tower, and a blue sky that I took with my mobile:

I was there for a few different shoots, one of them was a commercial shoot in which I had to pretend I was heavily pregnant and wear a big baby belly!

Here is a back stage shot from the shoot. The photographer is Bertnard Machet Martiniere.

Here are some lovely images taken in Switzerland earlier in the year by Roger Michel Finchmann who specialises in nude pop art photography. The monochrome image was honoured in Belgrad photo salon:

They are titled “El Matador”

Also, I did a shoot for Posed Magazine last year. The magazine was put into secondment, but woohoo! It is starting back up again, and here is a sneak preview from what will be in the next issue, shot by its editor, Ian McInnes!

Also, I have finally set up a public Facebook page.

If you would like to like it, here is the link 🙂


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