I Love Snow!

Winter has finally spread its icy tentacles over Europe and the lands are carpeted in a pristine white blanket of snow. Where I live, we have been graced with a full 15cm.

For frequent travelers (not I this month!) and wildlife this is a white nightmare. For others it is a Wonderland.

I, being determined to get images in the snow, grabbed a friend and went and played in the snow yesterday! I came up with two concepts, and made a full set from each.

I must say, the shoot was nowhere near as cold as I imagined, and actually being nuddy in the snow was very exhilarating and refreshing (I was helped by a heat pack that I picked up in Japan stuck to the back on my coat hehe)!

Set 1: Snow White

snoq Queen for dreamingofzoi.com

Set 2: Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland for dreamingofzoi.com

The above images are styled and post processed by myself.


And here are some beautiful impossible nudes by London photographer Terry King, I haven’t shared these anywhere before, but am very proud of them.

Terry King1  Terry King3 Terry King4

Terry King2



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