AEZ wheels

AEZ wheels

In summer I won a social media competition to be a Bond girl for AEZ alloys, a high end alloy wheel company. If you look on the AEZ website, you can see their alloys, but also download some cool wallpapers from the shoot!

The shoot was in Portugal around the Lisbon area for a full week in summer. I got to do all sorts of fun things like shoot in a real airfield in airplanes and with helicopters and in submarines in a navy base.  It was very high action filming, I enjoyed doing this very much!

The only downside was that there was a heatwave when we were filming and on some days the temperature reached 45 degrees centigrade (113 Fahrenheit)! One of my scenes was to run across the tarmac of an airfield in overalls and boots, this was quite hard work in such a temperature. Luckily there was a pool at the villa to cool off afterwards though :).

The Bond is Fabian, a full time skydiver who does all of his own stunts and the other Bond Girl is Gaby who was also an AEZ Bond Girl last year.

Here you can see the results of the movie:

AEZ Bond “Revenge”

And here are some images from the shoot:

AEZhouse AEZrunning


I was also in Essen at the Essen Motorshow lat the weekend there presenting the new film and signing autographs with the other bond Girl, the beautiful Gaby, and here are some backstage images:

with a giant billboard of Bond Zoi on the side of the stand- this si the largest I have ever seen myself!:


Gaby and me with presenter Marco Kochbeck:

1402811_745912625423699_329477626_o 1402887_745444578803837_1455192525_o


Hair and makeup: Sandrina Francisco
Photography: Florian Innerkofler
Models: Zoi and Gabriella TheModel
Production: Géraldine Ribeiro Agence G37

I will add the full backstage images from both parts to my members section.


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