Sights from Hong Kong

Last month I visited Hong Kong with my Dutch friend Fredau Hoekstra.

We rented a small apartment in the center of Hong Kong for a few nights together, did some shoots, and enjoyed the sights.

These first images are sightseeing images, they were taken on my own camera during the daytime.


HongKongDaytime-4 HongKongDaytime-3 HongKongDaytime-2 HongKongDaytime-1

Here is Fredau and Me in a famous Dim Sum restaurant. We hadn’t realised there was a dress code and I came in wearing sandals, luckily they turned a blind eye!1397918236408

These images below were taken in a boutique hotel with a wonderful view by, the full set is up to see on my members area.‏_zoi-118‏_zoi-115‏_zoi-111‏_zoi-7‏_zoi-101

These night time images were captured by yours truly. The first image is Fredau in the Subway.

HongKongDaytime-5 HongKongatNight-28 HongKongatNight-16 HongKongatNight-10 HongKongatNight-4

And these are by Humble Jim Photography, shot in the apartment that we rented:

HongKongHumbleJim-4 HongKongHumbleJim-3 HongKongHumbleJim-2 HongKongHumbleJim-1

I hope that you like!





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