Signed Playboy and other Memorabilia and Prints

Signed Playboy and other Memorabilia and Prints

Playboy Germany has a scheme where Playmates are given cards to sign for their readers. They write to Playboy with a stamped addressed envelope requesting signed cards, Playboy Germany sends the envelopes on to me. They have sent me a big pile of the A6 cards which bear my photo.

I have received hundreds of these requests, scattered over the past year or so.

The purpose of this blog post is for me to explain why many of you will not have received anything back from me.

I was not paid a penny for being a German Playmate and also had no choice as to whether or not Playboy Germany published my images. 

The signing of these cards is one of the “duties” of  a German Playmate, so the fee that they (usually) receive for their shoot, also covers for this. 

From the several hundreds of envelopes that I have received with return envelopes inside, about ten have included the correct postage fee.  I live in the Netherlands, not Germany, and most that I receive are from Germans, with a German stamp attached.

 Some of these also contain illegally downloaded poor quality photos (sometimes ten or twenty) which they also want me to sign.  Most don’t just want one Playboy card back either, but 4, 5, 6, or 10…. for their “friends”.  Added up, I have to sign thousands.

Not all envelopes come from Germany though. Some come from Italy, Austria, China and Australia. With no cash or return stamps included.

The ones that do come from Germany are also mostly written in German. I sadly don’t speak a word of German so for the first lot spent days on Google translate, but in the end gave up.  

The card that I received today contained four downloaded photos taken from the websites of photographers that I work with in poor quality.  These photographers self funded the shoots with me, and also sell prints.  It also contained a request for a lipstick kiss, and for a German Playboy card, and a one dollar note to send it all back to the US.

One US Dollar, sorry, will not post anything anywhere in the Netherlands. I find it very very sweet that people go out of their way to make these requests, and am so flattered that they like my work enough to want a signed item.  But unless you send me the correct postage stamps, and only a request for non illegally downloaded image to be signed, I will not reply to you.

Also, after I sent back the last bunch, many of the items went up on ebay.  I don’t find it fair that I spend my own money and time for somebody to steal copy written images and put them on ebay so that they can profit sorry.

Perhaps nobody who sent me the cards thinks to read my blog or sign up with my website, but if you do, and you are one who didnt get their cards back, I sincerely apologise but include my full explanation above.  If you send me a direct mail, we can discuss a way of getting a signed card, print etc out to you :).

Kind Regards

Zoi 🙂





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