10 Common Questions that I am Asked.

10 Common Questions that I am Asked.

In no particular order, here are ten questions that I am commonly asked by photographers and people that I meet for the first time.

1) I’ve had plastic surgery. Nope. My breasts, lips, everything is 100% natural. I occasionally add hair extensions during shoots, and make up. That’s it.

2) What does my boyfriend think about my job? That’s not really any of your business, but what does you’re girlfriend think about your job?

3) Does my boyfriend get jealous about my job? Again, that’s not any of your business, and I would prefer to keep my private life private from my work, but, since you insist, no he isn’t jealous, he respects my decision to do a job that I love, and he trusts me 100%.

4) My boyfriend must be a millionaire or a rockstar? Nope, hes just a normal guy :). (I get asked a lot of questions about my boyfriend!)

5) What does your father think about your job? He supports and loves me, what ever career I choose. (father questions are the next popular after boyfriend questions, because I need the validity of a man in my life :))

6) I do this because I don’t have any other options is life, and jobs are hard to find? No, I do this job because I enjoy it. I’m extremely lucky to be in a career that I enjoy. Can you say the same for your job?

7) I do this job for the money only?  I’m a qualified engineer. In the long run, I would be much wealthier had I not left that profession.
8) I do porn? No.

9) I do extras for cash? Or sleep with photographers to get a job? Just No.

10) I have a rock n roll life style, I’m out every night partying and snorting cocaine? Nope, just a normal person. I enjoy cooking, a glass of red, and a good book or film. And walking my dog.

And here is the reason that I love my job so much:

(Image by Tyson Smyer, taken during a Greg Gorman workshop in California)


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