In Memory of Marc Lagrange

In Memory of Marc Lagrange

Rather than write a long winded, emotional article explaining Marc’s life and death, I will instead show you the work that we have produced over a span of four years.

From our first “test shoot” together.

MarcLagange_Bonus-3 MarcLagange_Bonus-5 MarcLagange_Bonus-7 MarcLagange_Bonus-8 MarcLagange_Bonus-11 MarcLagange_Bonus-12 MarcLagange_Bonus-24 MarcLagange_Bonus-26 MarcLagange_Bonus-27

I was in his studio many times, for shoots and parties.


From his book “Diamonds and Pearls”, published internationally.

MarcLagrange2 marclagrangesesoir

For Jaguar, in Knokke.

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Later work:

L1001228FINALV2 L1001507BWFINALV L1001507FINALV L1001599FINALV L1001625FINALV

The last image:



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