Ivor Paanakker… and…. Game of Thrones!

Ivor Paanakker… and…. Game of Thrones!

I’ve some exciting new images shot last year (but only just received) by Ivor to show you. We always produce top results when we work together, and these images are so different to our past work. I just love them.

Photography: Ivor Paanaakker

Make up: Pascale Oeyen

Styling: Marike de Kan

Location: the Netherlands, 2015

And, in other news, as some of you may know. I’ve been trying my hand at acting recently, and have had some success. Last week I was screened in Game of Thones, just a small part, but in my favourite TV series. For those who watch it, its episode 7 of series 6. The scene with Theon Grayjoy.

I also had a part in a Dutch film, Beyond Sleep. It is out now. It is in English, and a very beautiful film set in Norway based on a famous Dutch novel. I can highly recommend it.

I hope that you are enjoying the summer, if the rain ever stops, Ill head to the beach!











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