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Sunset Rock by Aestheituqe

At the end of our long shooting day, just as we were about to pack off and head back to the hotel, we found this rock with beautiful pink flowers behind it, so determined to get one last set shot, I quickly undressed and we took these images, just as the sun was starting to fade. I'm glad I did
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Stretch by Aesthetique

Stretching for the sky in Spain.
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Sheer Purple by Aesthetique

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Puerta by Aesthetique

Thinking of a warm sunny place!

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Windmill by Aesthetique

These breezy images were taken at an impromptu shoot in Spain a few months back. We were re route to another location when we came across this wonderful old windmill which was turning in the strong breeze. There was however a house with garden right next to it, and a nice Spanish man sitting in his garden. so when he nipped inside, I quickly whipped off my clothes and we took these images. After about 5 minutes of shooting we had enough for a small set. I saw though, the man was back in his garden with a cup of coffee. Watching me, with a slight smile. I waved, he waved back, and I went on my way :).

Luckily for me, Spain is a friendly, and liberal country!

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Today by Aesthetique

Shot at the end of May, in Andalucia, Spain, at sunrise. Watch the sky transform with me. This was the most beautiful start of the day!

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Aquaduct by Aesthetique

Shot on a two hundred year old Spanish aquaduct, on a very windy day in Spain.
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Spanish Pool by Aestheituqe

I was in Almeria, Spain last week shooting again for the website with Aestheitque. We shot many beautiful sets, this first one by the pool of a 200 year old villa that we were lucky enough to be able to use. I wear a Wicked Weael bikini. 
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Sun Rise by Aesthetique

The sun in Almeria in the south of Spain rises at 7.25am in April.

There is a brief window of about 5 minutes just around this time where the whole sky lights up with amazing crimson light.

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Rust by Aesthetique

Everything can rust.....

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Volcanic by Aesthetique

This could be Mars! Its not though, its an extinct Volcano in the South of Spain :).

Shot at the end of the day as the days light is nearing to an end, observe a body relaxed and warmed by the sun in the most amazing and surreal of locations.

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Sunrise Glory by Aesthetique

Shot on a beach in Almeria at the break of dawn.

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