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Just for fun by Fernandes

It just so happened that when I was hiking in the Italian Alps last week with my good friend Nirmala (and our dogs, Dushi and Sfera) we decided to take some spur of the moment images.  I didn't have a scrape of makeup on, hadn't styled my hair, or have  any cool styling with me but it worked out pretty well. Actually, we ended up taking a lot of images! Three sets to be exact! Here is the first one.
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Gabriella by Stefan Soell – Alpine

My beautiful, petite, blonde friend. We met on a photo shoot for a calender in France, and then again on a photography workshop in Austria. We became good friends.

Shot high in the Swiss Alps on a stunning backdrop of green Alpine nature by one of my favorite photographers Stefan Soell.
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Serpentine – Updated

Hello readers, how are you? I hope enjoying the beautiful summer weather!

Well its been a fair wee while since I've posted anything in here. The reason being that I have been off on many shooting adventures in the past few months, to Portugal, France and Switzerland.
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Bathhouse by Stefan Soell

I wear an elegant long flowing summer dress in late spring in an original 1920s bath house in Austria. The weather is warm but there is still snow on the tops of the distant Alps.

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Oktoberfest by Stefan Soell

This set is the follow up to Dirndl.

I loves these images so much, that I had to do them justice and make two full sets from them.
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Dirndl by Stefan Soell

Here is an October special!

Shot by Stefan Soell high in the Alps, and wearing a genuine German dirndl, with one of the worlds best nude photographers, can it get any better?  Heidi eat your heart out!

Stefan has also featured a few of the images from this set in the book that he made of me.
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