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Tied by McInnes

Some experimentation with rope bondage in art nude and Polaroid with McInnes.
 Hair and make up by Jak Morgan.
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Bonus Set- Jurassic by Stephan Brauchli

A bonus set shot by Stephan Brauchli in Switzerland.  I am in love with these images, the shape of my body is complimented so well by strong layered structure of the rocks. Of course, as this is a bonus set, and was "gifted" to me by Stefan, it is not available for download. We made a fun little video in Zurich the day after this shoot before I got my flight home and I will post that next week :).
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Skin by McInnes

The sequel to "Jailed Bird".

Hair and make up by Jak Morgan

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Me by Stefan Soell

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Oktoberfest by Stefan Soell

This set is the follow up to Dirndl.

I loves these images so much, that I had to do them justice and make two full sets from them.
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Antique Pearl by the Yerburys

Authentic antique lingerie and Fredau, shot by the Yerburys.

Although born on the continent, Fredau has the appearance of an English rose. Her soft fair curls, big eyes and elegant body are matched by a gentle voice and manner. She was a pleasure to work with, and as you can tell by the images we had a fantastic time shooting together.  This is the first of several sets that have been and will be shot with her.

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Te Extraño by Jon

Te Extraño..... I miss you....

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Siren by Jens Edman

This set is shot on a beach on the south of Crete, not so far from where I was born, and takes its name from a famous statue in Belgium, that strikes an amazing similarity to a few of the images contained within this set.

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Off to Switzerland, and Robert Cebulski shoot results

I had a shoot last week in Rotterdam with a photorgpaher living in Belgium called Robert Cobulski.

We shot for two of his projects, the image shown across is the first piece in his new series "Wake up". We also shot the final piece of his "I'm the Queen" series which you can see on his website:

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Window Dancer by McInnes

A 70's styled window display, with hair and Makeup by Jak Morgan.
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Oliver Pezzot shoot results and Marc Lagrange news…..

I'm feeling a little bitty yucky and under the weather today, think I worked too hard in Paris :(. So Im taking it easy, staying at home and having an early night with lots of cups of tea.... well so much for my 1st Saturday off in a ages, but on the bright side I have time to do my blog update and watch bad Scottish accents in Rob Roy on the TV!

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After Midnight with Joya, by Ivor Paanakker

Joya, with her exotic Mediterranean looks, and curvaceous body instantly appealed to me.

The minute I saw here I knew we had to try a shoot together. With roots from Spain and Algeria, but raised in France her mix pleasantly compliments my Greek Scottish origins.

She came to the Netherlands by train from Paris, and we shot three fully styled sets in a manor house in the North of the country.

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