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A Game Called Seduction by McInnes

Grainy erotica in contrasty monochrome.

Shot in Glasgow by McInnes, edited by myself with Jak Morgan on hair and Makeup.
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Pure by Chris **WITH VIDEO**

Sunshine streams through the large bay window of a Victorian English house in early Spring.

Simple sunny nude images shot spur of the moment during a commercial shoot in a natural and light style complete with a smiling backstage video.

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Fabric Works by Thorsten Jankowski

Shot in Germany by Thorsten Jankowski in his studio, we experimented with suspended fabric to make grand, dynamic poses.

An image from this was also used in for the front cover of a well known German photography magazine, prints can be purchased from Thorsten Jankoskis own website.

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Old Favorites from The Yerburys

I was looking through my old images just there and I came accross these two fantastic nudes, taken by The Yerburys last year in Scotland.

I am also booked to model at a workshop with two of my very favorite photographers, Trevor and Faye, in stunning Pipewall Hall, England in June (there are still limited places left).

Now, I am going out to enjoy the first sunshine of the year!

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Penny for them……

So after almost a year of hard work, travel, photo shoots and photo editing.... It looks like I am finally here.  My website is just about ready to go live.  I have been uploading content for days now and If I do say so, its looking really quite pretty inside the site.  I have 50 sets of images uploaded now, with more to come in the next few weeks 🙂

I'm very nervous about the reaction this site gets, that's if I get any members at all.  I am quite aware that there is lots and lots of content available all over the internet, much of it for free, so I ask myself what will make my site so special that somebody would want to pay with their hard earned money to join it?

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Alpine Afair by Stefan Soell

The most breathtaking of views over the Swiss Alps. There is not much else that could be said for these images that could possible do them justice.... 
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Volcanic by Aesthetique

This could be Mars! Its not though, its an extinct Volcano in the South of Spain :).

Shot at the end of the day as the days light is nearing to an end, observe a body relaxed and warmed by the sun in the most amazing and surreal of locations.

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Bonus Set Piano Shawl by RBB2

Shot in France, this set uses a genuine antique piano shawl from America for styling. These shawls were used in the 1800's for ladies playing the piano, to keep there shoulders warm but arms free.

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Sunrise Glory by Aesthetique

Shot on a beach in Almeria at the break of dawn.

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Arch by Aesthetique

Here is another sequence shot in Spain with English photographer Aesthetique. We found this room with the most fantastic view inside the old derelict clinic that we were shooting in.  The view actually reminds me a lot of my birthplace, Crete.

How I would love to live somewhere with a view like this!

We were half way through shooting however, when the guardia civil arrived!  I had to run and hide around the corner (naked and in my bare feet!), and the photographer pretended to be doing landscape photography.  I'm sure the police wouldn't have minded a naked girl, and would have just made a joke of it or asked us to move on, but I didnt want to take the risk!

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The Clinic Window by Aesthetique

Shot in Almeria in the South of Spain in April in a derelict clinic with a breathtaking view over the Alboran Sea.
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Corset Black by McInnes

A highly charged arty-erotica sequence wearing an 18 inch corset.

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