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Bonus Set by Drystellas

Heres a wee bonus set for you, due to the fact that it wasn't shot exclusively for dreamingofzoi, its not downloadable in high res format though. I thought rather than not share such breathtakingly beautiful images with you, I would still include it in here for you to view online. It was shot in March in a nature reserve in Scotland using an analogue camera.

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Demeter by Bryon McCartney

Lazy Tuscan light streams over a field ready for harvest, warming on golden skin and land. Demeter, Corn-Mother, the classical goddess of the harvest resides over grain and the fertility of the Earth.

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Leather Couch by Jens Edman

An art nude set, shot in Jens' studio in Sweden.
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Podest by Stefan Soell

Shot in Stefan Soell's studio in the South of Germany, this classical art inspired sequence uses subtle changes in poses in monochrome to create elegant results.
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