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Volcanic by Aesthetique

This could be Mars! Its not though, its an extinct Volcano in the South of Spain :).

Shot at the end of the day as the days light is nearing to an end, observe a body relaxed and warmed by the sun in the most amazing and surreal of locations.

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Deep Cleansing by Stefan Soell

There is nothing more refreshing than an early morning dip in the crystal clear waters of a Swiss mountain stream!

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Sunrise Glory by Aesthetique

Shot on a beach in Almeria at the break of dawn.

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Chasing Rainbows by Rik Scott

Shot in the Dutch Summer, on a beach in the South of Holland with Belgium photographer Rik Scott. This was our first shoot together, we made such light, natural and flawless images and really hit it off, so shall definitely be working together again!

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Nixie by Stefan Soell

Nixies are shape shifting water spirits from Germanic folklore, they have the ability to show themselves in many forms. They often appear as beautiful women and are commonly compared to mermaids and Greek sirens. Nixies entice sailors towards them with their intoxicating melodies from which the victims only escape is death by drowning.
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