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Sauna Part 2 by Brecht

Sauna Part 1
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Some Fashion Images and Portraits from Andalusia

PayPal Problems!


I have discovered today that I have some Paypal issues.

Apparently anybody viewing the Paypal page to join Wonderland (my lovely members section) from a US IP address rather annoyingly gets the Dutch language Paypal page.

I have spent all day on the phone to Paypal and browsed all of the on line forums and it seems to be that this is a glitch in the Dutch Paypal system and a few other people are also suffering from this problem and have not found a solution.
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Well Summer is most definitely over, and we are well into Autumn.

I love this time of year. The rustic golden hues trees and pavement outside my house, the eerie fog in the early hours, the carved pumpkins on my window sill and the cosy collection of winter hats and scarves that I have looked out.

Soon it will be time for sparklers and bonfires, my birthday :), frozen canals, home made soup and then Christmas trees!
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Sauna Part 1 by Brecht

Part 1 of a 2 part series shot by Brecht.... More to come in a few weeks 🙂
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**BONUS IMAGES** – Marc Lagrange

I shared a few images from this on a blog a couple of weeks back, here is the full selection of images that were taken during my shoot with famous Belgium photographer Marc Legrange. I love them, I hope you will too!
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Rain Rain Go Away! And some ARMADA stuff!

Rain rain go away... come again another day (when I'm not here!).

I had a very nice shoot planned today with a Dutch photographer in a sand dune to make some pretty pictures for my members section. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled as the weather is just terrible :(.  Good weather for the ducks, as they say.  So instead, i'll do some blogging and share some recent images.

The image across is actually a back stage image.  It was taken at a shoot a few weeks ago in Belgium when I was trying to get heated up by a radiator by in window in between shots.  I think it works well with the rain theme (OK it wasn't raining during the shoot, but it could have been :P).


Leica M7
Summilux 50 @ f1,4
Kodak Tri-X
Model: Zoi
MUA: Severine Barillari
Assistent: Filip Cooreman
Fotograaf: Johan Verhulst

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Marc Lagrange and some Music Videos


Well,  it's a positively dreary Monday morning,  and I was woken up by a neuritic (or possible amorous) crow at 6am (and its my day off)... but now I have something to lighten up my day a bit...!

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Armando De Vincentiis Video

Goooood Afternoon!

I did a video shoot last month for Italian wedding dress designer Armado De Vincentiis in Belgium,

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Wedding Dress Shoot – Backstage Images

I was in Belgium, close to the dutch border for a video and photo shoot for an Italian wedding dress designer yesterday. I really enjoyed dressing up as a pretty bride for the day, and all the dresses were so beautiful and elegant! They were all made from real silks and chiffon and fitted so nicely!

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