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Blue Bikini by Macey King

Shooting in a secluded spot with a fantastic view on a Greek Island, where I have just spent the last 3 weeks shooting. More to come from this beautiful location in the coming weeks 🙂

I am wearing a blue Wicked Weasel Bikini in this set.
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Reading Time by RBB2, Part 1

Some more glamour shot in the garden in the South of France with RBB2. This is a moster set, so it is split into  parts 🙂
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Playa by Finn

this slightly different take to another set on here was shot by Finn, who was also at that shoot in Spain.

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Jade by Macy King

Im wearing a beautiful Wicked Weasel Soft Lurex Bikini here, in Jade Colour, posing by the ocean on a recent trip to Greece. Half way through shooting this set, a man came hiking along, to collect sea salt. There are some funny back stage images from that, I've included in at the end of the set hihi 🙂
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Elafonisi by Macy King

Posing in a Wicked Wesel Rebel bikini in one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. Thee images were taken by my friend Macy <3
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Meet Sfera by Macy King

I just got back from a holiday to Greece.

While I was there I found a stray puppy, she was very skinny and had an injured leg but a beautiful bold personality. After a trip to the vet to de-worm, flea and vaccinate her I decided to keep her. She flew back to the Netherlands with me in my hand luggage!

This is her first day at the beach. I learned quickly that she doesn't like water (shame as I live in a country surrounded by water)  but she does like to run and play, and snuggle up when I sunbathe so will make the perfect beach companion.  I also wore a lovely new Wicked Weasel bikini this day. Luckily,  I had arranged a photographer-friend to spend some of the holiday with me, so she managed to get these happy shots of me any Sfera, the puppy.

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Today by Aesthetique

Shot at the end of May, in Andalucia, Spain, at sunrise. Watch the sky transform with me. This was the most beautiful start of the day!

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Spanish Pool by Aestheituqe

I was in Almeria, Spain last week shooting again for the website with Aestheitque. We shot many beautiful sets, this first one by the pool of a 200 year old villa that we were lucky enough to be able to use. I wear a Wicked Weael bikini. 
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Bonus Set – Lake Toba holiday pics

Here are some holiday snaps from my vacation to Lake Toba, Indonesia. I traveled here with my mother and we slept in a traditional Batak style house. The sail boat style wooden houses are beautiful to look at, although not so comfotable to sleep in (we shared ours with a variety of other creatures, including geckos, lizards, rats and bats).

My mother has requested hat I don't show any images of her on here :). Also, you will be happy to know that it was her and not me riding the scooter, I  did not sample the horny goat weed, and the buffalo in the hole in the ground was not knocked of the road there by me :).
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Cretan Surf by Macy King

Taken during a holiday with friends to Crete. I am wearing a black Wicked Weasel bikini in this.
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Sunhat by Rene de Haan

My first shoot with Rene de Haan was for Dutch Playboy. I wrote to him when I first moved to the Netherlands, sending him my portfolio and asking to keep me informed about any shoots. Within 6 minutes, he replied to me that he has asked Playboy, and they would love to shoot me as  a Playmate. Of course I was delighted!  This set was our second shoot together. It was shot on a nude beach close to Bloemendaal, a party beach next to Amsterdam.

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Punch Bag by Brecht

Something a little bit different to my normal style. Me in a wicked Weasel bikini and shorts working up a sweat (and then cooling down again) with a punch bag :).
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