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Editorial in La Plus Belle Magazine with Kevin Berry

On a trip to Glasgow earlier this year, I found out that a good friend photographer Kevin Berry was also in town and staying in a lovely hotel. So what could I do but call in some friends for hair and makeup and shoot a kick ass editorial, which was published in the print edition of last month in La Plus Belle Italy Magazine

Id like to share those images with you, because they are great, so here they are!


Photography concept and styling: Kevin Berry

Makeup: Charlie Ross at Bang Bang beauty

Hair: Hair by Pablo

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Ivor Paanakker… and…. Game of Thrones!

I've some exciting new images shot last year (but only just received) by Ivor to show you. We always produce top results when we work together, and these images are so different to our past work. I just love them.

Photography: Ivor Paanaakker

Make up: Pascale Oeyen

Styling: Marike de Kan

Location: the Netherlands, 2015

And, in other news, as some of you may know. I've been trying my hand at acting recently, and have had some success. Last week I was screened in Game of Thones, just a small part, but in my favourite TV series. For those who watch it, its episode 7 of series 6. The scene with Theon Grayjoy.

I also had a part in a Dutch film, Beyond Sleep. It is out now. It is in English, and a very beautiful film set in Norway based on a famous Dutch novel. I can highly recommend it.

I hope that you are enjoying the summer, if the rain ever stops, Ill head to the beach!

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In Memory of Marc Lagrange

Rather than write a long winded, emotional article explaining Marc's life and death, I will instead show you the work that we have produced over a span of four years.
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Steam train images by John Tuckey

I am delighted to show these lovely images with you, taken by John Tuckey a few weeks back in England.  John specialises in vintage style monochrome images. He has a very unique precise way of working which leads to these fantastic results. I am just in love with these, they have a film noir - cinematic 1940's feel to them.  I hope that you also like them. My hair and make up was provided by Chez Titine Salon & Boney Jack Barbers. John's website is here and you can follow him on Facebook here.
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Bambi Mag and Toads

Hello Lovelies

Alongside travelling about to photo shoot adventures I've also been doing some conservation work for an issue that is close to my heart.
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10 Common Questions that I am Asked.

In no particular order, here are ten questions that I am commonly asked by photographers and people that I meet for the first time.
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Happy New Year – I have Covers!

Happy New Year!!

I hope that you all had lovely winter holidays.  I would like to wish everybody a very happy 2015.

I have had a fantastic start to the year.  I shot for four days in beautiful Thailand for a book project (back stage snap below), and I have had three magazine covers!
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Signed Playboy and other Memorabilia and Prints

Playboy Germany has a scheme where Playmates are given cards to sign for their readers. They write to Playboy with a stamped addressed envelope requesting signed cards, Playboy Germany sends the envelopes on to me. They have sent me a big pile of the A6 cards which bear my photo.
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Metropolis by Roland Pum

Roland Pum is an Austrian Based photographer. We met each other on the Andreas Bitesnich workshop, where I was a model and he was a student (although he was already an accomplished photographer when he attended this workshop). After the workshop we arranged a shoot close to Vienna. He made a fantastic background for the shoot, all from wood (although it looks like metal), and after we shot he burned the background so that it could not be used for any other work.
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Sights from Hong Kong

Last month I visited Hong Kong with my Dutch friend Fredau Hoekstra.

We rented a small apartment in the center of Hong Kong for a few nights together, did some shoots, and enjoyed the sights.

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Bonus Set by‏ – Part 2

Here is the second installment of the bonus set by‏, shot in Hong Kong.  You can see the first part here.

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Playmate South Africa

I had some other very nice news in December. Ana Dias, a great Portuguese Photographer asked me to shoot with her for Playboy. The images were published in South African Playboy as Playmate of the month for February, 2014 🙂 🙂 :).
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