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Scotland and some old Jan Scholz images!

Its not Burns day (thats a really Scottishy day in January during which we eat haggis and drink whiskey and quote the words of our most famous poet, Robert Burns).

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It didnt rain frogs in Paris


I was in Paris last weekend, and this time it didnt rain. It didnt rain frogs, it didnt rain cats and it didnt rain dogs. It was a very nice experience to be in a dry Paris for the first time, and I saw the city in a new light (literately).
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Some Fashion Images and Portraits from Andalusia

PayPal Problems!


I have discovered today that I have some Paypal issues.

Apparently anybody viewing the Paypal page to join Wonderland (my lovely members section) from a US IP address rather annoyingly gets the Dutch language Paypal page.

I have spent all day on the phone to Paypal and browsed all of the on line forums and it seems to be that this is a glitch in the Dutch Paypal system and a few other people are also suffering from this problem and have not found a solution.
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Well Summer is most definitely over, and we are well into Autumn.

I love this time of year. The rustic golden hues trees and pavement outside my house, the eerie fog in the early hours, the carved pumpkins on my window sill and the cosy collection of winter hats and scarves that I have looked out.

Soon it will be time for sparklers and bonfires, my birthday :), frozen canals, home made soup and then Christmas trees!
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September Stuff

Ok, where to start! September has been a really hectic month during which I was only at home for a few days.

At the start of the month I have a few shoots in Switzerland. One of these shoots was with Marcus Ernts (Creativpic Photography) whom I have worked with before.

He shot these cool swimwear images next to an old over grown sauna in the Swiss Countryside:
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Canada and Stefan Soell Book!!!

Woohoo! I was in Canada this week (just for 3 days though :(!) to shoot with Dwayne and Leanne Bell.

I shot for two days, but on the last day also had time to do some sightseeing and went to Niagra falls. It just so happened (by complete coincidence) that my crazy fun model friend Katy Cee was also there at the same time! So we went to the falls and on the Maid of the Mist tour together and both got completely soaked. I dont have many images, because silly me forgot to take my camera with me that day. I did buy a disposable number there though (for 20 dollars in a way over priced tourist shop) but now need to try and figure out how to get it developed! 
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More Swiss Adventures!

I am just back from another short spell shooting in Switzerland. I seem to be in that place an awful lot these days, I must like it :).

On the first day I had a shoot with Markus Ernst. We did 2 looks, a lady gaga inspired one, and an American inspired one.
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Summer Portraits

I worked with Coen twice during short natural style portrait sessions in the past month, once at the beach and once in a park. We had great weather on both shoots, and made this series of beautiful portraits.

Here is his website:

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Vagina Related!

I'm in a sort of funny giggley mood, and I just saw THE FUNNIEST commerical I have seen in a while....about vagina's!

Apparently vagina tightening cream is the next big thing in India.

I dont want to think about how they one would have to apply such a cream, I guess it wouldn't be quite so glamorous as the commercial implies. Also, do they have a male equivalent?

Here is the commercial:
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Swiss Adventures – Backstage Pics and Videos

I was in Switzerland the past 3 days shooting with Swiss Photographer Pascal Heimlicher, Nativeemotions Photography.

We went on a little road tour around Switzerland, so that we could shoot in the most beautiful locations.  And I made lots of back stage photos and videos.

<< Looking tired on the 7am flight on the way to Zurich. I hate morning flights!
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Morning again!

It seems like all my blog posts have been complaining about the weather... but REALLY! Where is the summer? Another shoot cancelled this week because of it. GRRR! Global warming + modelling/photography DO NOT MIX! I'm honestly flabbergasted (cool word eh??) by people who still say that global warming isn't happening! Like honestly, just look out the window! It was hail stoning last week! In July! Im really not looking forward to the day the gulf stream decides so switch off and we all start freezing.
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Is Their Life Beyond These Gates

Happy Friday!

I was in Belgium last weekend, this is one of the things that I did!

Is Their Life Beyond These Gates


Photography: Alexis Melissas

Models: Zoi, Stijn Keuleers

Location: a big elevator in Burssels

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