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It Rained Frogs in France

Well I just got back from 2.5 days of shooting in Paris late last night.

There had been an accident on the train line in Paris and there were delays on all the regional trains, and as my last shoot was outside of Paris itself, and I had to catch the last Thylis home, I had a mad crazy dash to catch my train on time, so I rewarded myself with a nice glass of red wine on the train (not like me at all!).

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Armando De Vincentiis Video

Goooood Afternoon!

I did a video shoot last month for Italian wedding dress designer Armado De Vincentiis in Belgium,

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Commercial Images for Zeno Groenewegen

Good Morning my Lovelys!

The sun is out and shining again today, summer has came early to the Netherlands, lets keep our fingers crossed that is stays!  I was in England shooting some really nice commercial and natural style images last weekend, and even managed to get outdoors to shoot without freezing my ass off!

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Frankfurt fun and froliking

As promised, here are some images taken at the Thorsten Jankowskis workshop in FACE studios close to Frankfurt, Germany:

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French Froggies and Frankfrutters

Here are some casual portraits I just received from French photographer Richard Bulenzi. They were taken last Monday in Paris (I guess the sort of famous landmark gave that one away!). We have just arranged another shoot for next month :)!

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Workshop with Thorsten Jankowski

I fly to Frankfurt tonight for a 2 day workshop with Thorsten Jankowski where he is guest photographer at FACE studios. The workshop sold out within a few weeks, so if you are one of the lucky few, I look forward to seeing you there! I have already met several of the delegates on past jobs, so look forward to catching up, and will enjoy meeting those that I have not met before!

Also, I have just heard that there is a pool and sauna in the hotel.... and that I have to pack my bikini.... HAPPY DAYS 🙂  Was just thinking yesterday about a lovely warm sauna!  I've been working too much and my back is hurting for all the fancy posing (yes I am getting old!). Exactly what the doctor called for :).  I know how Ill be spending my Saturday night!

And also, here is a great image by a delegate, Kalinighta photography, at the last workshop I did with Thorsten in Braunchweig.

Have a good weekend folks, and i'll catch you on Monday!






Old Favorites from The Yerburys

I was looking through my old images just there and I came accross these two fantastic nudes, taken by The Yerburys last year in Scotland.

I am also booked to model at a workshop with two of my very favorite photographers, Trevor and Faye, in stunning Pipewall Hall, England in June (there are still limited places left).

Now, I am going out to enjoy the first sunshine of the year!

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Wedding Dress Shoot – Backstage Images

I was in Belgium, close to the dutch border for a video and photo shoot for an Italian wedding dress designer yesterday. I really enjoyed dressing up as a pretty bride for the day, and all the dresses were so beautiful and elegant! They were all made from real silks and chiffon and fitted so nicely!

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Back Home :)

Hello, that is me just back from 7 days of shooting in a row!

1 day in Amsterdam for a clothing designers webpage.

3 days in Switzerland in the Basel area for artistic nudes (I have a funny back stage video from this that I will share on here later) I shot in all different locations here, 1 day in a studio, 1 day next to a beautiful lake, and 1 day in an old house with amazing views.

2 days beauty and boudoir in Germany, where I had silver Swarovskis glued over my entire neck to form an amazing looking collar.

1 day shooting with one of my favorite photographers, Ivor Pannakker and another model who came especially from Paris that included a cool location and edgy, erotic styling, the images will be used for content for on here. More to come on that later..... I can tell you though, that I am VERY VERY excited about these images.

And to top all of this off, I come back to find that one of my images has been used in a full page editorial in April edition of Dutch Playboy (a thumb nail of it has even creeped onto the front cover:P). the image was taken by Jeroen Gordijn, and in it I am painted from head to toe in golden body paint!

Actually, I have a full set of over 40 images to share on here from that image too! Im just going out to the shop to buy it in a few hours, when I do I will scan a photo and add it to this post 🙂

I have just finished catching up on my emails from while I was away, and now to start my weekends relaxation before heading to Paris on Monday!


Penny for them……

So after almost a year of hard work, travel, photo shoots and photo editing.... It looks like I am finally here.  My website is just about ready to go live.  I have been uploading content for days now and If I do say so, its looking really quite pretty inside the site.  I have 50 sets of images uploaded now, with more to come in the next few weeks 🙂

I'm very nervous about the reaction this site gets, that's if I get any members at all.  I am quite aware that there is lots and lots of content available all over the internet, much of it for free, so I ask myself what will make my site so special that somebody would want to pay with their hard earned money to join it?

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Photography Workshop with Thorsten Jankowski

I have been booked to model at a fantastic week long photography workshop this October with Thorsten Jankowski, who I have worked with many times before.

Here is the link for interested photographers, there are limited places left:
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The Tyger by William Blake

My favorite piece of poetry written by Mr William Blake in 1794. Enjoy!

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