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Bonus Set – Box by Eric Kellermen

This is not a downloadable set, but is some art work with Dutch a photographer for a book project that I think I should still share on here.
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Hiking in the Italian alps with Doggies

Not a set here, but since I was posting the images that were taken last week whilst hiking in the Italian alps, I thought I would also share some private images taken while we were hiking with the dogs. Dushi and  Sfera (my white one) are both rescue dogs, Dushi comes from Curacao and Sfera from Greece, and me and they are as good friends to each other as their owners :). and if you dont like dogs, I apologise before hand hihi.

Here are the images that I took the week that I found Sfera in Crece.

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Bonus Set – Plastic by Jacquez

A short bonus set here, shot in Switzerland by Jacquez Rattaz. I loved this concept, created using a wind blower and a sheet of plastic.
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Bonus Set – Melow Mood by CSC photo in Zurich

Hello lovelies.

This beautiful series was shot at a shoot by CSC photos at the end of last year in Zuirch. Ive just receivede the photos back and wanted to share the full set with you, since I am so in love with them. again, because this was not shot for this website the images are not downloadable, however this is still the only place online where you can view the full set.
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Bonus Set by Thyco Herf

I am very happy to share this bonus set with you, as I really am in love with these images. They were shot last month, in my living room! There were fantastic shadows coming onto my floor from the window and I couldn't resist asking Tycho to shoot me with them! He edited them with a fantastic high contrast monochrome that works wonderfully!

This is a bonus set, and added as an extra upload. It was not specifically shot for my website, so it is not downloadable.

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Bonus Set – Sculpt, by Carl Grim, featuring Kayleigh Lush

I was privileged to meet for the first time and shoot with Kayleigh Lush, a fantastic dancer and art nude model in London last month. The shoot was with Carl Grim whom we had both worked with before.

Kayleigh is amazingly skilled in dance, and has a very toned and amazonian type body. I was awed to see how she moved,  and with Carl's great photography we managed to capture many great images.
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Bonus Set – Lipstick by McInnes

Here are some Polaroids taken backstage during a shoot in Glasgow with McInnes.

These images were also published in the last edition of Volo magazine.

The lovely seamed stockings were a gift from a member, D Greenfield  :-).

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Bonus Set – Ghost by Jean Marc

These breathtaking images were shot on the second day of my shoot with Jean Marc on his old school Hasselblad, we went up into the hills above the cote d'azur, France and shot in a wooded area.

We were especially lucky, as just at the end of our shoot, an eerie mist descended around us, which when combined with one of my favorite sheer full length dresses lead to these spectacularly ghostly images!

I shot one more sequence with Jean during this shoot, whch was in a long black dress and also nude by the sea, and I will upload those next month.

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Bonus Set – A Beach in Nice by Jean-Marc Aznar

This was the 1st photo shoot that I did with Jean Marc. We met at the train station in Nice after I spent two lovely days shooting with RBB2, who also are in France. We went for some lovely sushi and discussed ideas, then headed to the beach at the end of the day for this quick session. the weather was pretty wild, as you can tell from the waves, and by the end of the shoot my bum was soaking wet with seawater, but I just couldn't resist getting close to the waves for these images!
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Bonus Sets Explained

What are bonus sets?

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