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Siren of Crete, Art Video by Vincent Rustuel

So I have had a long absence on here due to family reasons. I'm now back and will be uploading again :). Here is a video shot in Crete (you need to download it to view it, its too large for me to upload here), where I was born. Vincent came out and we spent two wonderful days shooting this video. I hope you enjoy it!
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Elafonisi in Black and White by Macy King

A small selection of my favourite images form this shoot in a more artistic black and white finish. Because I couldn't decide on white I preferred :).
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Elafonisi by Macy King

Posing in a Wicked Wesel Rebel bikini in one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. Thee images were taken by my friend Macy <3
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Swimsuit by Jens Edman Part 2

Swimsuit part 1
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Swimsuit by Jens Edman Part 1

Taken in beautiful Crete, on the South of the Island. I wear a black sheer Wicked Weasel one piece in this. Part two coming next week!
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Cretan Surf by Macy King

Taken during a holiday with friends to Crete. I am wearing a black Wicked Weasel bikini in this.
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Crete Holiday Snaps and Video

Hello Lovelies!

I was in beautiful Crete last week for a full week to relax and holiday. For October the weather was unusually warm and it was 30 degrees Celsius every day which meant I got lots of time to top up my tan.  
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Siren by Jens Edman

This set is shot on a beach on the south of Crete, not so far from where I was born, and takes its name from a famous statue in Belgium, that strikes an amazing similarity to a few of the images contained within this set.

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