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Sunhat by Macey King

Once upon a time on a very windy day......

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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 2

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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 1

We took too many images here, we were having too much fun! So its a 2 part set 🙂 More on the way!

Have you seen this dress before somewhere?

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The Woods by Ben Ernst

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Sleek by Stefano Brunesci

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All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go, by Stefano Brunesci

Wishing my old, and new members a Happy New Year!

"For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice."

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Medieval by Stefan Soell

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Dress by McInnes

Hair and Make up by the lovely Jak Morgan
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A Fine Vintage by Iain T

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Dress by Stefano Brunesci

This is the second set that I shot with Stefano, the first, Wall, can be seen here.
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Red by McInnes

"Red red wine

Go to my head"

hair and make up by Jak Morgan
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Lady Zoi by McInnes

Hair and make up by Jak Morgan, dress by Obscure Couture.
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