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Bed by Hugo

A lovely short series of images, toned in a beautifuly soft way shot in a friends bedroom in England by English photographer Hugo.
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Backstage images from “Wigs” shoot with Camilla Rose Helley

Some back stage images from a Calender shoot involving lots of different wigs. The other ¬†model is Camilla Rose Helley from England. Which colour do I suit?? ūüôā

Relax by Chris, with video!

Doing some nice relaxing sunbathing in the garden, lets hope the¬†neighbors¬†don't¬†see ūüėõ

This set is shot in England and has happy, vibrant and sunny colours. There is also a lovely video clip to go along side the images.
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More Yerbury Workshop Images

Good Morning ūüôā

Well what a good, positive week......

The beautiful country of my birth, Greece is through in the European Cup (only thing is now they have to play Germany) and is also en route to getting a stable government :).  

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London Town and There Abouts…….

Well hello ūüôā

I returned late last night on an Easyjet flight from four glorious days of galivanting in England.   Well, OK, the work and company were glorious,  the weather was gloomy for ninety percent of the stay.  It rained, rained and rained,  and I had my first ever experience of shooting outdoors in the rain  though, which was interesting to say the last.
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Pure by Chris **WITH VIDEO**

Sunshine streams through the large bay window of a Victorian English house in early Spring.

Simple sunny nude images shot spur of the moment during a commercial shoot in a natural and light style complete with a smiling backstage video.

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Cold by John Barone

These images are shot in John Barone's studio in Wolverhampton, England.

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Toughen Up by John Barone

These aggressive and gritty images were shot in England, in John Barone's studio in an old brick built warehouse. Penny Grimley was on make up, and the laid back atmosphere and great company at this shoot worked a treat!

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