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Affair Part 2 by McInnes

The second part of "Affair" by McInnes, perfectly timed for Valentines.
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Ghost by McInnes

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Fashion by Stefano Brunesci

Don't you just love fashion??
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The WC by Mcinnes

Ive had this set for a while, I couldnt decide to publish it or not as I found the colours difficult to work with. I had a member request for a similar set however, and after some tweaking ive managed to achieve a colour result that Im actually quite happy with, I hope that you like them too, bit of a different setting for this set :).
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Soaking by Brecht

In a fancy hotel, wearing a one-piece Melody Wicked Weasel swimsuit in a hot tub, as you do!

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Bonus Set – Melow Mood by CSC photo in Zurich

Hello lovelies.

This beautiful series was shot at a shoot by CSC photos at the end of last year in Zuirch. Ive just receivede the photos back and wanted to share the full set with you, since I am so in love with them. again, because this was not shot for this website the images are not downloadable, however this is still the only place online where you can view the full set.
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Floor by Brecht

Some artistically shot nudes against a Persian carpet in low lighting.
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Tape by McInnes

Playing with duct tape 🙂
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Yes! Calvin by McInnes

Shot in a Glasgow hotel room in low lights with a strong flash.....
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More Wet by McInnes

the sequel to Wet.
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Wet by McInnes

Hair and make up by Jak Morgan.

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Lollipop by McInnes

hair and makeup by Jak Morgan.
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