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Victorian Gothic by Stefan Soell

There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.
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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 2

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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 1

We took too many images here, we were having too much fun! So its a 2 part set ūüôā More on the way!

Have you seen this dress before somewhere?

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Demeter by Bryon McCartney

Lazy Tuscan light streams over a field ready for harvest, warming on golden skin and land. Demeter, Corn-Mother, the classical goddess of the harvest resides over grain and the fertility of the Earth.

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Fairyland by Stefan Soell

In a mild Swiss September afternoon, we found this delightfully enchanted looking dried up burn whilst hiking en route to a different shoot location. The way the light streamed through the overhead branches and the intense green shades of the moss made me think of a fairy tale book that I read as a child.

This is also one of my favorite sets to date!

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Nixie by Stefan Soell

Nixies are shape shifting water spirits from Germanic folklore, they have the ability to show themselves in many forms. They often appear as beautiful women and are commonly compared to mermaids and Greek sirens. Nixies entice sailors towards them with their intoxicating melodies from which the victims only escape is death by drowning.
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