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Fashion by Stefano Brunesci

Don't you just love fashion??
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Dress by Stefano Brunesci

This is the second set that I shot with Stefano, the first, Wall, can be seen here.
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Dandy by Ben Ernst

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Rich! Lookbook

Hello People.

Some fashion images, just to prove that I can still do fashion hehe!

I was invited to shoot for the Rich! Spril/Summer 2014 look book a few weeks ago. It was a short, intensive shoot where I had to wear dozens of t shirts in a few hours, but he team and atmosphere were top during the shoot so the results were fantastic!
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Home Alone by Ivor Paanakker

A recent fashion editorial which was published in


Photography: Ivor Paanakker

Styling: Marieke de Kan

Hair and Make Up:  Hilda Jonkman

Model: Zoi
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Some Fashion Images and Portraits from Andalusia

PayPal Problems!


I have discovered today that I have some Paypal issues.

Apparently anybody viewing the Paypal page to join Wonderland (my lovely members section) from a US IP address rather annoyingly gets the Dutch language Paypal page.

I have spent all day on the phone to Paypal and browsed all of the on line forums and it seems to be that this is a glitch in the Dutch Paypal system and a few other people are also suffering from this problem and have not found a solution.
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French Froggies and Frankfrutters

Here are some casual portraits I just received from French photographer Richard Bulenzi. They were taken last Monday in Paris (I guess the sort of famous landmark gave that one away!). We have just arranged another shoot for next month :)!

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Deep Cleansing by Stefan Soell

There is nothing more refreshing than an early morning dip in the crystal clear waters of a Swiss mountain stream!

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Fashion by McInnes

Another edgy studio set by Ian McInnes.

MUA: Jak Morgan

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Cold by John Barone

These images are shot in John Barone's studio in Wolverhampton, England.

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Marc de Wit photoshoot

I had a fantastic shoot in the Metal Cathedral in Utrecht, the Netherlands last week with talented Dutch photographer Marc de Wit. It was EXTREMELY cold, the weather just a few days before was -23 degrees Celsius and the venue had no heating at all! And I was in bare feet for most of the shoot! The images still turned out really great (and you cant see my blue toes in monochrome :P)! We are also planning another lingerie shoot together later on in the year!! 🙂

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Lila by Stefan Soell

"only you can make me swoon

my lilac girl"

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