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Hiking in the Italian alps with Doggies

Not a set here, but since I was posting the images that were taken last week whilst hiking in the Italian alps, I thought I would also share some private images taken while we were hiking with the dogs. Dushi and  Sfera (my white one) are both rescue dogs, Dushi comes from Curacao and Sfera from Greece, and me and they are as good friends to each other as their owners :). and if you dont like dogs, I apologise before hand hihi.

Here are the images that I took the week that I found Sfera in Crece.

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Just for fun by Fernandes

It just so happened that when I was hiking in the Italian Alps last week with my good friend Nirmala (and our dogs, Dushi and Sfera) we decided to take some spur of the moment images.  I didn't have a scrape of makeup on, hadn't styled my hair, or have  any cool styling with me but it worked out pretty well. Actually, we ended up taking a lot of images! Three sets to be exact! Here is the first one.
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Bubbles by Macy King

Having fun in a bubble bath :).  A sequel to "Diamond", also by Macy King.

Actually, today is also my birthday, and I will be spending the day relaxing in a spa, a bit like this :). Happy Birthday to me!
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Bloemendaal by Rene De Haan

A fun, spontaneous set shot at sunset on a dutch beach called Bloemendaal by Rene de Haan, who also shot me for Playboy. Hair and make up by Nirmalla.
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Bonus Set – Zurich Video by Stephan Brauchli

I was in Switzerland shooting fine art nude with Stephan Brauchli (see bonus set Jurasic), and on the day that I was leaving we shot this impromptu video in Zurich before the flight. The screen shots are below:
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Winter Wonderland by Macy King

I had planned to upload another set today, but last week where I live... it started to snow! So yesterday, after a fresh white blanket had fallen, I went out with a friend and took some photos! We made two sets, and here is the first of them.
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The Very Silly Set by Stefan Soell

A very silly fun set filed with smiles shot in Stefan Soell's studio 🙂

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Chasing Rainbows by Rik Scott

Shot in the Dutch Summer, on a beach in the South of Holland with Belgium photographer Rik Scott. This was our first shoot together, we made such light, natural and flawless images and really hit it off, so shall definitely be working together again!

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